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I love buskers and street music, no matter where I am in the world.  On a rather boozy night, moving between the Courty and the Townie in Newtown, we heard this great street band playing right outside Newtown station.  There was a big group of people gathered around, dancing and clapping and cheering.  Lots of people were standing on King St in the bus lane, not the safest choice really.


The style of music they were playing was really upbeat… it sounded a little ska, a little bit world music.  I couldn’t quite pin it.  But everyone was getting into it, and some guys, including one of my friends, decided that some impromptu kossak dancing was in order.  It’s amazing how booze and good beats bring out the man-love, especially in a place like Newtown.


It had such a fun atmosphere… I think the buskers were raking in the cash as well for playing the right music at the right time.  Unlike at Istanbul, one of Newtown’s favourite and busiest late night kebab joints, that was blasting out mid-90’s dance music so loudly when we visited that the dude didn’t hear me order hummus with my falafel roll!!  Travesty!

Speaking of buskers, after I had yum cha with my chickees in Chinatown and went for a ramble, I was pleased to discover that one of the city’s best known buskers, “the dude that plays beer bottles outside Paddy’s Markets”, was still at it, entertaining the tourist droves in Chinatown.  He’s pretty impressive, and good fun as well.  But his daytime clientele are more fanny packs than just-drank-a-six-pack.



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