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komodo2-2-4Nasi Campur at Warung Melati in Legian

No… I’m not back in Bali.  But a story I wrote while I was there just got published in the Jakarta Globe.  You should hop on over and read it…

Here’s a sample:

“Something about being in Ubud seems to flick my switch to “hippie mode” on. It takes a good five minutes before I’m chasing down organic juices and wanting to paint pictures of the ducks in the rice fields, despite having the artistic abilities of a preschooler. When I feel a bit silly because of it, I just think to myself “at least I’m not here to just relive ‘Eat, Pray, Love,’ ” and then I go buy another pair of fisherman’s pants without shame.

Bali Buddha is a sparkling purple upholstered wonderland of organics with more of those fisherman’s pants per capita than any Thai fishing village I’ve ever heard about.”

I also manage to criticize bogans, yuppies and flamboyant expats all in the one food story.  You know you want to read it. :p

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