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Taman Suropati Orchestra, Menteng, Jakarta I was in Taman Suropati in Menteng today… just walking around the neighborhood, one of the few areas of Jakarta with usable footpaths… not that I encountered a single other person doing such a bizarre activity such as “going on a walk.” I’m such a weirdo…

I happened upon the rehersals of the Taman Suropati Chamber… a group teaching kids, teenagers and adults how to play the violin in a collaborative environment, for really cheap fees.  So there were loads of people with violins at the park.  They were mostly beginners, so the music was rather squeaky at times… but it was a great thing to see for many reasons.

As someone who played an instrument (flute) growing up, I know we’ve all gotta start somewhere, so good on all these people for putting themselves out there to play in a public space!  My little sister plays the violin, and after listening to her squeak and creak away for a few years, she told me the other day on the phone she’s currently learning a concerto… so it all pays off!

It was also just great to be in a park and to see the potential of the community spaces that Jakarta desperately needs more of.

Read more about the orchestra in this Jakarta Globe article and this article and this interview with a violin teacher.

4 Responses to " Taman Suropati Chamber "

  1. TSO says:

    Cool… saya mau nanya nih, saya dari Desa, di sana ada abang Batara ga ?

  2. Ashlee says:

    Ma’af ya, aku gak tahu siapa yang di dalam foto nih. M’kasih utk mengunjungi blog ku, iya.

  3. Daniel says:

    blh tanya? itu contact personnya taman suropati chamber ada gak ya??

  4. Ashlee says:

    Halo Daniel. Terima kasih atas kunjungan mu di blogku :).

    Ma’af ya, aku tak tahu contact personnya untuk taman suropati chamber. aku cari dengan Google dan mereka ada blog di http://tamsurchamber.wordpress.com/ dengan informasi dalam bahasa indonesia.

    kalau kamu pergi ke taman suropati di menteng pada hari minggu, kamu bisa lihat anggota chamber latihan violin. Mungkin kalau kamu pergi ke sana, kamu bisa tanya tentang chambernya. aku pikir mereka berkumpul sampai jam 12 siang setiap hari minggu, kecuali selama cuaca hujan.
    .-= Ashlee´s last blog ..Remembering =-.