Templemania 2013


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 Angkor Wat at sunrise

So, obviously I went to Siem Reap to see the Angkor temples. I’m not going to give you some tour guide or history lesson on them, there are plenty of other places you can find that on the internet.

All I can say is wow, they truly were amazing. The size and scope of the ancient city, the workmanship, carving and construction, and last but certainly not least, the beauty. I found it fascinating, and yes, I did feel a bit Tomb Raider, but in most places it was like a screening of Indiana Jones and the 5000 Korean Tour Buses. But even though it is heavily touristed, I still enjoyed it and I’m really glad I went.

I literally took a bajillion photos so I will only share some here, but the rest are in this Flickr set.

IMG_3083Angkor Wat


IMG_3243Tomb Raider temple, or Ta Prohm


 Banteay Srei temple

IMG_0086Ta Prohm


Banteay Srei

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