The family wall at the guesthouse

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When I was out in the field for work, we stayed at this homely little guesthouse in Lospalos, where the owners were lovely. Photos of their family were all over the walls, there were stuffed toys all over the TV stand… and right underneath a portrait of the owner’s son and his wife was a portrait of Kate and Wills at their wedding.

I asked why… I checked and they aren’t relatives! They just loved their wedding and the owner’s wife thought it was so beautiful she wanted to put up a picture of them. Plus, one of their sons lives in London, so they said they feel close with the royals, in a round-about way.

In Lospalos, electricity isn’t available 24 hours a day (it turns on at midday and turns off at 6am). Water for bathing is typically drawn from wells. There’s one dusty main street with some shops and the schools. There’s no local newspapers. But Wills and Kate’s wedding hype last year had clearly still reached at least one family in the town!

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