The first few weeks of grad school

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Week 1

I’m back at school!  I can sleep in (except on the days I work) and hang out at the library and it’s going to be freaking amazing.  Like reliving my youth, except now I’m old enough to appreciate it.

Week 2

Wow, they sure are assigning a lot of readings.  There’s no bar on campus.  I haven’t really had much fun yet.  When do we all get freaky on the dancefloor or something?

Week 3

Oh my god, I feel so stupid. I don’t understand this stuff. Everyone is smarter than me, because they seem like they understand it.  I better act like I understand it too, even though I don’t.

Week 4

I still don’t understand this stuff, but I’ve had some conversations with other people who admitted they don’t understand it all either, so that’s ok.  I better just take lots of notes and hope for the best.

Week 5

I have a strong dislike for group assignments.  This has not, and probably will not, ever change.

Why did I give up my career!  Nine-to-five is so much better than this.  My own time was my own time!  I want my life back!  And my steady but lowly income!

Week 6

I’m so sick of hanging out at the library.  The youthful exuberance of the undergraduates in the quad is extremely irritating to watch.  How come they don’t look like they have Vitamin D deficiency from studying in the underground graduate center all day?

Week 7

Aren’t there exams coming up or something?  I don’t even know, because I have all these other papers due.

Week 8

HOLY SHIT F*)*(#&%_*(%#B(#GT(*@{(#()K!!!!!!  Midterm exams.  What the hell does all this stuff mean?  How will I remember all these authors?  I’m going to fail!  I’m doomed!  I haven’t slept all week and I’m also overemotional! Why didn’t I study more earlier?  I’ve also run out of clean clothes! *cries*

Week 9

Wow, I did well on those papers and I think I passed the midterm.  I’m really freaking smart now.  Why am I even here, paying tuition?  I already know my shit.  I’m just going to watch some stuff on Hulu now.

Week 10

Wait, what?  There’s still another month left and several more papers due?  My eyes already feel like they’ve run a marathon…


2 Responses to " The first few weeks of grad school "

  1. Anita says:

    love love love love this post! especially the week 3, haha, happened many times with me too. lol.

  2. sophie says:

    This sounds crazy! But glad you got through midterms…. stressful!