The in-betweens.


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bokehI’m got a case of the in-betweens right now.  That time after deciding “Ok, I’m kinda nearly pretty much done with what I’m doing right now” and before moving on to the next project or life step or whatever.

The in-betweens are odd.  Some people might think, hey, the in-betweens aren’t bad. You’ve decided what you’re doing next, you’re just killing time until you have enough money saved up or find out the result of applications or hit the date you’re aiming for or whatever else marks the start point of the next big thing.  It’s breezy.  You’ve got it set up and organized.  You’ve got the plan worked out.

But the in-betweens always put me in a weird mood. 

The in-betweens are the nasty time between making a decision and actually acting on the decision.  But it’s also sometimes mixed with that weird butterflies-in-the-gut feeling like an excited kid counting down the days until Christmas.  It’s the gap between deciding “I’ve done enough of this” and “I really want to do that next.” The in-betweens are the time where you have to wait, or where things can go wrong, or where you worry and wonder and second-guess, or you’re just twiddling your thumbs bored with what’s right in front of you because in your mind you’re already dreaming of the next adventure.  It’s the bits that you chop out of the story if you’re telling someone about your past.  The boring chapter you skip in the book.

I always try and avoid too much of the in-betweens.  I make a decision, act on it asap, to spare months of in-betweenishness.  But sometimes it’s inevitable.

So the best thing I can do is try and fill it with some mini-projects so I don’t get too lost… I’m going to try and get out and do some more photography in the city.  I’d love to get away, but there’s a big reason why that probably won’t happen for bit longer, and it starts with a w and ends with an ork.  I’d love to write more too, but unfortunately I feel pretty braindead and tired these days and not very inspired.

But I’ve got exciting plans, all wrapped up and dreamed up, role-played and hypothesized, dissected and reassembled, cut copied in my head.  So that’s kinda cool.

2 Responses to " The in-betweens. "

  1. belle says:

    know what you mean. I always get the inexplicable transition blues when I move from one place to another. Super exciting, I love change, but takes me a couple of days of shuffling my feet to get into the spirit of ‘yeah, woohoo, new stuff!’

    by the way. i checked out the what bogans like website. Gold, gold, gold. Checked out list of ‘bogan names’, and yours is on it. I’m so jealous. xx

  2. Ashlee says:

    Hmm for me it’s the waiting for the new stuff that is the killer. Once I’ve gone “OK, we’re done here. Had enough.” then my complete lack of patience means I want to move to something new (whether it’s a job, place, whatever) like, THE NEXT DAY. lol

    Yes! I am so proud I have a bogan name to match my bogan heritage :p If you added some extra “y”s or something to your name maybe you could make the list? Bylyhndah?