The McRib is Back

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Remember that The Simpsons episode where Homer joins this group who follow the movement of the Rib-Wich, a special limited time sandwich at Krusty Burger, across the country, like some kind of rock band groupie?

I thought that episode was hilarious.

Then, I got to America and found out IT IS ACTUALLY BASED ON SOMETHING FROM REAL LIFE.

The McRib is a special fake pork rib sandwich sold by McDonald’s that has a cult following.  And people, THE McRIB IS BACK.  There are signs hanging outside every McDonald’s in the country.  There are even news stories about it on NPR (called “Hunting the Wild McRib“, where they talk to a guy who once drive ten hours to buy a McRib).

There’s also a full history of the McRib on Wikipedia, if that should interest you at all.  I think the most interesting thing is the painstaking work that has gone into tracking the history of this processed food… then you have the online McRib locator, which in times less abundant for McRibs than this present moment, shows exactly where McRibs have been sighted in the country over the past few weeks.

I mean, just read and absorb this sentence from the NPR article:

“Alan Klein trained as a meteorologist, but the Minnesota man’s true love is the McRib. He tested out his storm-tracking abilities by creating a website that lets McRib fans track appearances of the sandwich.”

Absorb that.


I try not to eat McD’s very much at all, especially since the first time I tried it in America it was about a million times more disgusting and greasy than in Australia and made me feel siiiiick.  But the other day I went to the garishly “school spirit” themed McDonald’s outlet on my campus, largely because I am sick of all the other terrible overpriced food on my campus, and decided to try the McRib.

I didn’t have my camera with me, and my McRib experience wasn’t so enlightening that I would go back and buy another one just to take a photo, so unfortunately no snaps from me, but there are several on this blog post about a McRib flashmob.

But basically, like the Wikipedia entry says, it is a bumpy processed pork thing with shitloads of barbeque sauce on it, that sweet spongey McDonald’s bread and some raw onions and pickles.

The meat (not that you can really taste it under all the sauce) is just so overprocessed that it looks like some kind of grey matter.  It was actually almost resembling Indonesian bakso in texture, or something that you might get as part of a terrible in-flight breakfast called a “pork breakfast patty” or something.

The sauce is basically just barbeque sauce.

It was pretty gross.  Just typical nasty fast food.

I wouldn’t drive 10 minutes for it honestly, let alone 10 hours.

But I guess others have different ideas.  From the NPR piece:

“It’s a sort of holy relic of the time, meaning the late ’70s, early ’80s, when we celebrated the fakeness of food,” he says.

Oh America.  You continue to amaze and confound me.

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  1. Britty says:

    Wow, I squeed a lil in class when I read that. I neve knew that episode was based on something real!! Makes me wonder if the Spellympics were 😛

    I think my arteries would McChuck at the McRib.