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Hipster foodie-ness has only really trickled a little into my hometown of Albury, just a residual smudge of it around from those who have moved to hipper places and brought tiny bits of it back. In many ways, it is unsurprising–pretentiousness doesn’t really fly around these parts. For example, brunch tends to be your standard eggs benedict kind of arrangement, no smears of strange pestos or scatterings of chia seeds or pomegranate. There’s nothing wrong with plain old eggs, but it’s nice to have options for something a little more interesting. There are places that do stand out from the crowd, but many of them are out of town, daytripper destinations rather than everyday treats. But things are always improving. And there is beautiful food around this region.

So I was thrilled to discover The Proprietor, which brings the abundance of the region to the casual brunch or lunch plate, served up in a charming old-style grocer shop atmosphere, with outdoor tables next to flower-filled planter boxes and large communal tables indoors.

It has been around for a little while, but last holidays I didn’t manage to get there. This morning I finally did though, and I had to give this charming place, which is a convenient two-block walk from my family home, a little spruik on the blog. They serve beautiful Padre coffee from Brunswick, and it is served well. I also noted they have wines and ciders on the menu, which would be wonderful with lunch (it was far too early for a tipple when I visited, even in the festive season!). The menu options showcase the local: Gundowring icecream, Harrietville trout, Beechworth berries and more.

Great to see so much local produce featured on the menu.


Looking for a light breakfast, I chose the soft poached pear with dried berries, yoghurt, muesli and passionfruit. It was delicious–a just-right sized serve (sometimes I find cafes go crazy over the top on the yoghurt or muesli dishes, nobody wants to eat half a box of muesli for breakfast!).  And it looked gorgeous!

Ummmm what??? Albury has a beautiful hipster cafe now with gorgeous food made with local produce. Check out The Proprietor if you are in #albury.

The other dishes I saw going to other tables also looked great.

So I’m happy knowing there’s a place to get a good brunch or a morning coffee just a short stroll away from home.

I wanted to Instagram the cafe more, because it is very cute, but it was really busy and I always feel a bit weird taking photos of other people eating, because I would hate to be in a photo like that myself! But they have their own lovely Instagram here.

It was pretty busy, so I’d recommend booking if you have a group.

For more info, check out their website or Twitter.

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