The sister.


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Snippets of my phone conversation with the 14-year-old one today.

“Do you have any complexes now that you are 24?  I want to be a psychologist, so I’ve been reading about complexes and episodes.”

“Not that I know of, Binks.”

“What about episodes?”


“Hmm, no, I think you are pretty stable.  Except you hate it when people click their fingers. That’s a bit of a neurosis. But other than that, stable.”

“Thanks for the diagnosis, untrained teenage doctor.”


“Mum and Dad are away in Brisbane at a wedding.  I haven’t heard from them since Friday.  I sent them a text message today from Pogo [the dog] though.  I thought mum would reply faster if it was from the dog cos she talks to him a lot.  I finished the text with ‘PS. It’s really hard for me to type this with my non malleable toes.’ She hasn’t replied yet though.”

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  1. Julie Betteridge says:

    When you are a person with many flaws imagine living under constant scruttany from a budding phycholigist. The whole mother daughter relationship under constant assessment and she wonders why I talk to the dog all he wants is a pat, food, a drive and he seems to enjoy licking ones toes. So much less complicated. He is less likely to write a book one day using me as an example of a certain type of phychological condition or