The (unlikely to be followed) plan for 2008


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Wow, the posting on here has really dried up since the new year.  Time to make some rules for 2008.  Since it is the Year of the Scout, I should make sure I am prepared.  And practise my knot tying.

Resolution 1: Update blog regularly

Resolution 2:  Do shorthand regularly so I will actually get 120 wpm and won’t have to go anymore.

(resolution 2 made me depressed and angry this evening, so I write resolution 3 while eating chocolate.  *sigh*)

Resolution 3: Be healthier (I know, I know.  The choc isn’t helping, and this resolution has been on my list a million times before… but hey, I went swimming today yeah, that’s a start?)

Resolution 4: Save money so I can get the hell out of this country ASAP

Resolution 5: Use my down time more effectively by doing constructive/mind/body/soul enhancing things

Ok that’s enough. 

So anyway, pretty much I’ve spent the first week or so of ’08 not doing these things mentioned above.

I have also been pretty depressed about being back at work.  Three weeks off wasn’t enough!  It’s nice to see everyone… but not nice enough to make up for being back at work.

But for good stuff, I went to Jazz in the Domain this weekend where the Spanish Harlem Orchestra played and it was really cool… it was free as part of the Sydney Festival… I also went out for lots of catch ups with people and stuff.  Hmm that’s about all.  We have also organised a trip down to the South Coast for the Australia Day long weekend.

Over the last week I have also thoughtlessly committed (so it probably won’t happen) to undertaking a variety of extracurricular/social activities in 2008, including;

1. Learning Spanish
2. Doing another photography course
3. Going to salsa dance classes
4. Going to hip hop dance classes (why did I say yes to this?  Of all the types of dance, hip hop is probably the one I am least likely to pull off without looking like the world’s biggest loser!)
5. Being someone’s gym buddy
6. having a faux hens party for one of our friends
7. some other class… I dunno, I forget.


I want to;

8. Get a second job
9. Find a man (how very sad and unfeminist… but I would be lying if I pretended this wasn’t something I would like to happen soon! Unfortunately, this is probably very closely linked to resolution number 3.  All those stories about old people dying alone in the newspapers lately have been freaking me out. How very Bridget Jones.)
10. Win the lottery (as likely as most of the goals I have set really…)

I don’t know how many of these fit in with my resolution to save money.  Hmm. But like the resolutions, I doubt many of these promises will be followed through…

Why am I even posting this crap on here?  It will only serve as a reminder of failure in a few months time. It’s all typed now though.  I will find something more interesting soon I promise.

PS.  Why are there Easter Eggs at Coles already?  It’s January!  Has the world gone mad?

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