The (Unofficial) Official Australian Idol Drinking Game

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Australian Idol this year has been really…. meh. So dull. Last year I wrote snarky blog posts about i-dull, but this year it is so uninspiring I haven’t even mustered up the strength to bother doing that.

I love my trash TV, but I am finding it hard to continue to tune in on a Sunday night. So my friend Heather came up with a brilliant solution.

Alcohol makes ugly people more attractive. It makes scared people more brave. It makes idiots act like bigger idiots. Why could it not turn crap TV into good old fashioned family fun!!!

So Heather (with a teeny bit of assistance from our circle of friends) came up with the ingenious Australian Idol Drinking Game. And made a Facebook group (which is the way to get fads started these days).

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Getting really intoxicated really makes Idol a lot more enjoyable. We scream with delight every time that Marcia talks ghetto, and when the audience boos, we cheer and sip our wine.

The next project we are thinking about working on is a Sunrise drinking game. Once again, a crap show that a bowl of cereal does nothing to improve upon, so why not hit some G&Ts every time Kochie makes Mel squirm uncomfortably with a joke in poor taste. Or knock back a JD when weathergirl Monique asks a really obvious question. Or swirl your cognac when a female on the all stars panel makes an anti-feminist comment. You would be pissed by 8am, guaranteed!

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