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‘The volunteer blog’ has been a recurring feature of my life since the end of May, when the volunteer blog was published.

The volunteer blog is this blog post that I wrote for my work about how I thought the Australian Volunteers program could be improved.

It has been very strange. I can’t count the times that I have been introduced to someone since the end of May and they have gone ‘oooooh. You wrote that volunteer blog’ or ‘yes, I read your blog post’.

It’s nearly the end of August and three times this week I have still met someone new and been immediately identified as ‘the girl that wrote the volunteer blog’.

I mean, there are a lot of returned volunteers in Canberra so that has probably amplified this reaction, but it is insane how widely that post has spread. I never anticipated it going quite so far.

I have no regrets about it and stand by what I wrote and I’m really happy that it has started a conversation about how the program could be improved.

But it’s still pretty weird for me. To be identified by writing about a time in my life where I felt like I was making so little of a contribution, where I was failing to be useful. A time I still catch myself beating myself up over a little, wondering what more I could have or should have done.


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