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So, I’m not in Timor-Leste anymore. I’m also not in Indonesia, which was what ‘the plan’ was.

No, I didn’t get evacuated in the civil unrest… I didn’t get medivac-ed to Darwin or anything bad. I certainly didn’t fall out of love with the place.

It was all a bit of a schmozzle, but basically I resigned from my volunteer position (for a few different reasons) but largely because I thought I was moving to Indonesia to take up a very cool job there.

Once the bags were packed (I was literally about to ship them to Jakarta), the position in Indonesia fell to pieces to do with contracts and HR and sign offs not happening and all that jazz.

So now I’m back in Albury temporarily. Which is strange. It came about as a bit of an unexpected shock. Going from the beach to the winter is not a transition I have been feeling super positive about. Not to mention that the majority of my close friends live pretty much anywhere but Albury these days.

But after you’ve sworn about it and gotten shitty and cried and blown off steam, you just have to shrug and think…

These things happen.

So I’m currently looking for a new plan. Filling in job apps and leveraging networks and everything else.

But I really loved living in Timor-Leste. For all of its problems and challenges (and there were so, so, so many, I’m not going to pretend it is all peachy) it does win you over. A jawdropping landscape, friendly good-hearted local people and a really fantastic group of expat friends I formed there made it hard to leave.

And I’m particularly sad that I missed our landlord’s renovation of the apartment I shared with another volunteer. It sounds like it would have been so much more interesting to watch than any of those vanilla renovation shows on the Lifestyle Channel.

I’m pretty sure I’ll be back there some day though. So it’s just Ate Logu (see you later).

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