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One of the things that is good about Canberra is that I have a kitchen with an oven etc. For me, 2012 was the ‘year of living dangerously by cooking on one of those portable gas hob things in Indonesia and Timor’ so my options were a bit limited (and I was busy, and I was living in countries where it was often cheaper just to eat at restaurants than to cook).

Since it is cold, I’ve been cooking a lot, because the oven works better than the little electric heater I have at warming the flat!  These are some of the recipes I have tried lately and have really enjoyed.

Wild mushroom soupThe ‘real’ wild mushroom soup

This was really delicious. I pretty much just stuck to the recipe. I added a dollop of sour cream to the bowl when serving one time, and a dollop of goats cheese another time. Both of these options tasted good. This is a great soup and I will definitely be making it again.

Cauliflower puree

This is a great alternative to mashed potatoes. I had it with a piece of grilled salmon on top and some sauteed green beans. Delicious and easy. Also tastes good on its own with cheese, just like mash.

Basil pesto

This is yummy on bread or on veggies or on pasta and it is easy to make in a food processor. Make sure you have good garlic though that isn’t too bitey — once I used a clove that must have been a bit old or something and it overpowered the basil a bit. Homemade pesto. Only thing achieved today...

Red rice sushi

I don’t have a recipe for this, but I made it the other day. A normal sushi hand roll, made the normal way, but with a mix of brown and red rice instead of white rice to make it more wholesome.


I use packet mix rendang, because it would cost a fortune to procure all the ingredients and then would make my arm sore using the cobek! I always mix two different brands together though, which seems to help make it taste less packety. But I hadn’t had rendang for ages and it is so delicious and I miss it so I cooked it last weekend. So unhealthy though…

Blackened chicken and quinoa salad

This was really tasty and pretty easy to make too — I had to use tinned mango because of the season here and I didn’t add the avocado as it is the only thing I don’t eat (it gives me horrid stomach cramps).

Button mushrooms roasted in balsamic and rosemary

No recipe again, but this is one of my favourite ways to cook delicious little button mushrooms from the farmers market. I just put them in a baking dish, toss them around in a splash of olive oil, balsamic (with a pinch of raw sugar to take away some of the acidity) and some fresh chopped rosemary. Then I cover with tin foil and roast until done. Great side dish.

Brown rice bubur

A few weeks back when I had the flu, I really felt like comfort food, so I made brown rice bubur. I cheated, by cooking the rice for a long time until soft (maybe around an hour) with some stock powder in the water then blending it like a soup to get the smooth consistency (instead of boiling it for hours and hours or overnight to really break down the rice). Then I added soy, kecap manis, sambal, fried shallot and some shredded chicken, as well as a pinch of tumeric.

Chorizo and chickpea stew

I made this a few weeks ago and it was really good. I did wander away from the recipe a fair bit, by adding things like chipotle chili powder (from Herbie’s Spices, my favourite place to procure spices) instead of oregano and three bean mix instead of just chickpeas. It’s one of those recipes where you can tinker a bit I think.

I also made a tart that had pumpkin, kale, goats cheese and gruyere in but I can’t find the recipe now. It was delicious.

OK, that’s it for now I think! I’ll post any other good recipes I find up here…


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  1. Looks so yummy. Good job and i really picked up a few tips like the red rice sushi.