Things that annoy me right now….


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1. Christmas carols being played on loop in shops. Ugh.
2. Children in shops
3. People, generally, running around shops trying to buy things for Christmas.
4. Children in shops that push the buttons on all those freaky Santa animatronic toys so that aisles of the store resemble a scene from a thriller called “Nightmare in the North Pole” as the jarring midi chords of carols battle to be heard above one another and the Santas wobble and lurch closer to the edge of shelves, ready for attack.
5. Neighbours that install door hangings that play jarring midi Christmas songs and then leave them playing loudly for a COUPLE OF HOURS.
6. Trailers for lame holiday movies that have the same plot as the holiday movies from last year… and the year before… and all the festive seasons ever in the world, even the one where Mary popped out Baby Jesus.
7. The fact that the NSW State Govt is so stuffed in so many ways.
8. Shorthand

And to balance things up a bit, things I love right now include;
1. America’s Next Top Model. Especially when they do spazzy photoshoots where the models are catapulted onto mattresses while wearing demented slutty fairytale outfits. And I also love it when they are nasty. And have to do crazy runway challenges where they fall down. Hehe.
2. This. It’s so true and I’m glad someone has said it so publicly.
3. That it’s less than a week until I am on HOLIDAYZZZZ!

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