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I’m thinking about moving my blog over on to a WordPress platform… then I can put it on my server space, have more flexibility with widgets and design, and not pay $70 US a year just for a blog.  I pay for webspace anyway for my CV site.

I could also rename it if I moved it.  I’m sick of this name.

I was thinking of calling it “Trashed” (because, as those who know me in real life are aware, I am Trashlee).  But there is a porn site with that name…

Dunno.  What should I do?  And more importantly, can I be stuffed?

2 Responses to " Thinking about moving… "

  1. Patung says:

    You might want to use but mirror it on your own domain, you have to pay a bit per month though, but it’s no hassle. Hosting wordpress yourself can be a headache, depends on your hosting setup and whether they offer one-click installs and upgrades.

  2. Ashlee says:

    Hey, yeah I already have a WordPress blog on my web hosting (it’s what I use to run my CV) and it was pretty straight forward, one-click installs and everything. Still thinking about it all… Thanks though!!