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Last night I went for a walk around my local kampung and stumbled upon a little night market type thing set up on a tiny back street that I hadn’t walked down before.  Don’t know if it was just a Saturday night special, but there were lots of stalls selling plastic shoes, plastic toys, orange Persija t-shirts (the local football/soccer team) and cutest of all, lots of little fishing-style games set up for the local kids to play, using small plastic wading pools set up on the street.  I saw three different types of fishing games, and took some photos of them.  The pics are all a bit grainy and blurry because it was really dark, and I didn’t want to disrupt the action with too much flash and the little street was rather crowded.

Fishing game the first — actual fishing for actual fish

Fishing fishing-1-2 fishing-1-4


(I love the look of concentration on this little guy’s face!)

So, the first fishing game involved actual live fish (funny looking ones, I’m not sure what type they were) in a little wading pool, and pieces of string tied to sticks.  The kids paid to get some bait and use of a stick, and then they got to keep the fish that they caught.  This fishing game was very quiet… the kids were SERIOUSLY CONCENTRATING on catching their fish.  They didn’t even notice I was there taking photos!


Fishing game the second — fishing for plastic fish


This fishing game was another sedate one, and it mostly appealed to the smaller children.  They had mechanical fishing rods that I think had little magnets shaped as bait which they attached to the end, and they used their rods to catch brightly coloured plastic fish out of a bright green pool.  Most were accompanied by their parents, who clapped every time their tiny offspring caught a new fantastic plastic fishie.  Some of the parents looked like they had been sitting there for quite a while… I couldn’t figure out the payment plan, I think it may have been either time based or based on the number of fish caught.  They didn’t get to keep the fish at this one.

fishing-2-2 fishing-1-6

(The older girl on the left was helping her little brother fish)

Fishing game the third — the ball-scooping competition


This was more than a game.  It was an intense competition.  I asked one of the kids how it worked, and basically, they paid Rp 1000 to enter the competition, got a bucket and a scoop on the end of a stick… the owner of the stall counted tiga… dua… satu… mulai (3,2,1 start) and then the kids frantically scooped to get as many of the colorful plastic balls before he called for them to stop.  It was loud.  There were people squealing and cheering from the sidelines, and there were a lot of spectators, as well as lots of splashing!  While the owner of the stall went around and counted how many balls were in each bucket, there was silence though.  In the match I saw, there was a tie, and the two girls had to play scissors paper rock to decide the outcome.  The winner then got to choose a small plastic toy.




You can click on all the photos to see bigger versions.

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