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I’ve written before about some of my favourite tired person food options. When you have ME/CFS, sometimes using a kitchen knife seems like a real hazard, and energy used cooking is energy you can’t use on something else (I still like cooking though and still do it for pleasure on the weekends!) But there are some new and exciting offerings on the block to add to the line-up of ‘cooking without much effort’.

(See my first post here, as well as reviews of Marley Spoon – which I still occasionally use — and Hello Fresh).

The first thing to note is that we now have Deliveroo in Canberra, significantly expanding ways to get a range of takeaway without going outside — What the Pho is my favourite, and Chez Frederic. Apparently UberEats will be arriving very soon.

On the ready-meals front, I can recommend Dinner Rush  – they sell fresh meals in vacuum-sealed pouches at the EPIC farmers market on Saturdays, and also have a shop in Narrabundah. The meals are tasty – my favourite is the beef and eggplant curry.

On the getting-your-groceries-delivered front, Harris Farm Markets now do deliveries to Canberra, which means, yes, you can get their amazing yoghurt, which was one of my favourite treats when I lived in Sydney.

But the big thing I want to recommend is The Dinner Ladies, who deliver to Canberra now and were brought to my attention by a comrade in chronic fatigue who is Sydney-based. Everything I have eaten from them has been wonderful – it’s like restaurant-quality every night. It all arrives frozen (in an eco-friendly insulated box), so you can shove some in the freezer, and defrost what you want to eat over the next few days. Each week there are new options on the menu so it doesn’t get boring, and they also have a list of staples (they call them ‘dinner ladies favourites’) that they always have every week — from these, I really recommend the spinach and ricotta lasagne, the pottager pie (a vegetarian cottage pie made with lentils), and the lamb roghan josh. The individual sized soups are perfect to take to work for lunch. They also have some calorie controlled meals (marked DL400) that are also yum. Literally everything I have eaten from them has been so delicious. They have kids options too. If you want to try, this code will get you a discount until August on your first order: RAB707424027102.

Another service I have been using, but am slightly less fan-girl about (though still a very satisfied customer) is YouFoodz. They deliver fresh ready meals to your door that are nutritionist-proportioned, etc etc. Note that there aren’t heaps of vegetarian options — they seem to cater to the paleo/sports-sports-sports crowd so are big on protein. But I have had some really nice meals from them, and for convenience with portion control they can’t be beat. They are also easy to take to work for lunch. They do add new things to the menu reasonably frequently, but I only use them occasionally so I don’t get bored. If you use my link, you will get a discount on your first order.

Also, some fun supermarket finds — Coles now sell spiralised pumpkin and carrot in a microwavable bag, as well as cauliflower/broccoli rice, and Woolies sometimes have zoodles and cauliflower rice too. Good lazy-veggie options. If you want pizza but want to feel like it isn’t the unhealthiest choice ever, Woolies also have ‘Michelle Bridges’ brand pizzas that have a cauliflower base. They are reasonably tasty for a ‘healthy’ version.

(…and if you want something that is the opposite of healthy, The Sugar Deli deliver such treats to your door in Canberra. We got it delivered to the office at Easter.)

OK, that’s my latest wrap: go forth and eat with very little effort!

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