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The lovely Mark has featured my image on his blog and has picked a wonderful piece of new music to go along with it.  Pop on over to his great new blog, Music Sounds Better With a View, which pairs photography and new music together, to have a look and a listen!  Thanks for featuring my image!  I love the track you chose to go with it!

Also, in other exciting photo-related news…

This image was handpicked a few days back by the photo editor at RedBubble and was featured on their front page!  I took this on my little point and shoot down in Dupont Circle station one night when I was waiting for the metro… I actually think I may have been slightly intoxicated at the time due to sangria consumption.  But it has been appreciated apparently, which is nice! (I still haven’t sold ANY prints on RedBubble though… don’t think it is exactly a moneyspinner lol).

There’s a clip of the image on the front page.  You can view the image on RedBubble by clicking here.

Perhaps the most heartening about this was that I took this photo on my little point and shoot that I keep in my handbag, not my fancy-pants SLR that got stolen.  It’s a good reminder that I should keep shooting even though I only have very back-t0-basics equipment right now…

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