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So, after months and months and months of trying to get my lefty comments posted on the Daily Telegraph website, I finally got one up.

I have seriously posted about 30 comments to that site, all of them rational, well written arguments (of course!) outlining how perhaps the article in question is either extremely reactionary, extremely offensive to women or flawed in some way.  I’ve tried using different computers, email addresses, everything to try and get my comment posted, but to no avail.  It has perplexed me for some time why they never seem to get posted.

Why have I bothered?  Well, I guess I feel that perhaps putting forward some sort of rational argument might make some redneck from somewhere far flung like Baulkham Hills think twice about condemning a certain race as “dole bludgers” or something.  Idealistic I know.

Even the simplest comments have not passed the “true blue middle Australia” filter that they must have installed on the site.

But finally, I have thwarted that filter.

Behold, dear readers, my maiden comment posted on the Tele website, in response to the recent outcry over the photograph of a naked six-year-old on the cover of an art magazine.

“It’s great that this 11-year-old is more intelligent and
articulate than most of our pollies.  It gives you hope that this
country isn’t just full of reactionary nutcases too quick to
jump on the moral panic bandwagon.

How, in any way, is that image pornographic or exploitative?  I know my
parents took photos of us eating icy poles in the nude in the bath when
we were kids, and nobody got upset when they were “broadcast” at our 21st birthdays.

Get some perspective pollies.  Fix the trains instead of wasting time
reinforcing middle Australia’s narrow
minded views.  Art isn’t for state censorship.”

I think it was the use of colloquial language and the word “pollies” that helped get it over the line.  Also, that I was knocking said “pollies” instead of editorial decisions of the paper, which is the mistake I have made in the past on this comment posting mission.

So join the crusade, people.  Go and flood the websites of tabloid newspapers with rational arguments and thought.  Maybe we can change the world one comment at a time!

2 Responses to " Victory! "

  1. Tilda says:

    Hurrah!! I can’t believe you managed it. Do you know how many letters I have written to the tele? SO PROUD OF YOU!

  2. Tom Lee says:

    Well done! Congratulation’s on making it, looking forward to reading moer soon.