Waiting for Indomie.

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This is my bowl of condiments, waiting for my pack of IndoMie (the most popular brand of instant noodles here) to finish boiling on the stove top.  I try and draw pictures in the bowl after snipping open the little packets of sauces while I am waiting for the noodles to cook.  I always add some extra kecep manis too (sweet soy sauce).

IndoMie noodles got me through university back home.  Now, they every now and then get me through when I am hungry after work and have absolutely no food in the house.  So tasty, yet unhealthy and MSG-laden.

There is an amazing array of flavors available as well.  Except once I accidentally bought "sausage" flavoured noodles and they were kinda gross.

2 Responses to " Waiting for Indomie. "

  1. Hans says:

    Have you tried the ones with the crunchy bits yet? Kriuuuuk or something. I like ’em, just brought quite a few packs with me to Ireland. 🙂

  2. Ashlee says:

    Yes, I have tried those ones! Not bad at all… though I do wonder what exactly the crunchy bits are made of!