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We’ve had no water at our place for more than 36 hours after the pump blew up, and all the stores were closed on Sunday so our landlord has been unable to procure a new pump.

As a result, we have to lug buckets of water up three flights of stairs to be able to wash or flush the loo. It’s very reminiscent of some back-to-the-past reality TV show where the contestants get sent to some elaborate historically accurate stage set to relive a historic period that was horrible and inconvenient.  No olde world costumes though, thankfully, and our decor has only day tripped back to the 80s.

We constantly have water troubles at our place, so this is just the latest in a series of increasingly less minor annoyances. Our landlord is paranoid about the pump getting overheated, so he unplugs it and turns it off all the time. Sometimes the plug will be in, but the security guards who watch over the UN staffer in our compound will turn off the water supply for the whole apartment block so they can wash their motorbike repeatedly, then forget to turn it back on until you have stripped naked to have a shower, redressed, gone outside, tried to call down from the balcony, found some shoes and descended the three flights of stairs angrily and then they look at you like they have suddenly realised: “ooohhhhh. That’s right. You probably want to have a shower in the morning, whereas my motorbike doesn’t actually have emotions”.

The pump situation would be solved quite simply by putting a timer on the power plug… on for a few hours, off for a few hours, so the tank on the roof would stay reasonably full.  But that would be far too straightforward.

When we do have water, there is barely any pressure.  So having a shower is like standing under a trickling tap. It makes me long for a mandi!  I’ve set up a makeshift bucket one just to be able to wash the soap out of my hair.

I had a dream last night that when I woke up the water would charge forth, power shower style, from the faucet… instead, I turned it on and there was still not even a drop.

Well, a girl can dream right?

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