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Right now, I’m in Bogor. This was where I was supposed to be anyway before things didn’t work out and then they ended up working out, probably even better than before because I got to spend some time with my family in between life in Timor and moving here.  Thanks universe! I probably needed the break and family time, so the five weeks or so I spent at home were a good thing.

I should be here until early next year, but once again I’m feeling like I will actually end up being here longer than that. People underestimate how dynamic Indonesia is. It really has a pull. I feel like this is a place where there are opportunities for me. Since I already speak the language, it is both easy and exciting to be here. And compared to Timor in many ways it is a walk in the park – Indonesia is a middle income country these days, especially here in Java, while Timor is still firmly a least developed country, despite the amazing progress that it has made since independence. Timor definitely wins on beauty and tranquility compared to Jabodetabek though… and being in such a crowded place comes with its own sets of challenges.  I do really miss Timor, but I feel I’ll end up back there some time soon.

I’ll try to blog more now as well, I’ve been very lazy lately. 🙂

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