Why you should consider airbnb for Bali


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Finding accommodation in Bali… well, there’s no shortage. It’s actually almost overwhleming. After trawling through Agoda to find accommodation in Sanur near the wedding I was attending, I was already over it. How to know which pool lives up to the photos, which ‘walking distance to attractions’ claim is most accurate? I finally found a place that was close to the beach and the wedding, was reasonably priced and had a nice looking pool and booked it.

Then I started looking in Seminyak. So. many. places. I didn’t want to stay in a big hotel, but wanted to be close to the action in Seminyak because my energy levels were low. A pool was non-negotiable. But most villas were out of our price range. And some of the bigger resort-type mid-range hotels in Seminyak looked a bit concerning to me (in that I was worried about what the other guests might be like…).

I finally looked on airbnb, out of curiosity. I’m so glad I did! We ended up staying here, and it was great. My sister and I each got our own bedroom and bathroom. It was a short walk or taxi to the main areas of Seminyak. And we got our own private pool in a beautiful garden. There was an open-air living area with a full kitchen. The one downside was a bit of traffic noise during the day, and some nearby construction, but the noise wasn’t a problem at night. We loved it. And the separate rooms meant that we could also do our own thing after sharing a room at the other hotel for the first few days (and I could nap as much as I liked). It felt like a home for the four days we were there, which was a lovely decadent feeling.

So even though Bali is flush with accommodation options, airbnb is definitely another option worth considering.

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