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I wrote about my mum’s new puppy Winston a while back. Six weeks since I last saw him he has just about doubled in size and is finally properly toilet trained and less bitey than he was before too. They grow up so fast…

He likes to run under the garden hose, which is why he looks a bit bedraggled in the photos. He especially loves it when you use the garden hose like you would use a laser pointer for a cat to chase. He has fallen into mum’s water feature in the garden a couple of times. Our elder dog Pogo is much less impressed with the water, so he stayed inside today when we were playing around with the hose.


Other things Winston likes include: coming into your room multiple times during the night to make sooky noises because nobody else is paying him attention because they are sleeping (or at work); biting your toes until you rub his belly; licking the inside of your headphones, which you don’t realise he is doing until you put them on your head a few minutes later; headbutting the bathroom door open so he can check you are doing OK in the shower; attacking the mop when you are trying to mop the floor; stealing your shoes and taking them into the backyard.


Winston 22


He looks quite similar to our other dog, Pogo. Below is a photo I took of Pogo about six years ago when he was a puppy around the same age — they are not from the same family, but they are both maltese shitzus.

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