Wodonga- now with more balls


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I stopped at Gateway Island today, which is just on the Victorian side of the Murray River.  There is a lagoon there, arts and crafts shops, the local theatre company, and a lagoon.

Lagoon at Gateway Island
I took a photo of the reflection of trees on the lagoon, then turned it upside down.  You know I like messing with people’s heads…

It’s quite pretty, with lots of bike and walking paths near the river.  But apparently it needed some public art to spruce the place up.  So now, this sculpture greets visitors as they enter that glorious state of hook u-turns and pokie machine-mania, Victoria.

Wodonga- now with three more balls

Apparently the sculpture is all about gateways.  I can’t explain how, and being a bullshit artist like myself, that’s a bit sad.  But it still makes more sense than some of the stuff next to the highways in Melbourne.  I don’t know why they bother with public art sometimes… I found a far more self explanatory work underneath the Lincoln Causeway on my walk.

Under the Lincoln Causeway, Wodonga

I think the artist is trying to say "I have a small penis and hence spray-paint pictures of them everywhere to make up for it".  Nothing too abstract about that one.

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