Yay that Idol is finished


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I am so glad Australian Idol is finished for another year. Especially since they managed to drag the final verdict on for three hours… it was truly agonising. For a good recap, visit Bland Canyon.

No matter how many costume changes from one hideous getup to another, no matter how many former Idol “stars” they trot out that leave you scratching your head and trying to remember their names, no matter how many times Channel 10’s live feed drops out, leaving you guffawing at a camera shot of the back of the crowd while they try to rearrange everything to restart another “live” performance… three hours is way too long!

The best bit was Chrissy Amplett from the Divynals asking Andrew G what his name was while completely off her face, and James asking Matt what it would take to make him cry, then saying “maybe I will just have to punch you in the nuts then”. Other than that, boring.

Now I can just enjoy quality programs like America’s Next Top Model instead.

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