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Becak at night on Jalan Malioboro

Yogyakarta is a city of becak (pedal rickshaws).  They are everywhere.  In Jakarta, they were technically outlawed though I have seen a couple around in the burbs.  But here, everywhere.

It’s also been a city of rain in the couple of days I have been here.  I’m lying here now listening to the droplets pelt the pavement outside.  I went for a walk before in the rain, just down the road to get some food and drink some tea, and the becak drivers were stalking me, despite me saying I didn’t want one and I wasn’t going far!  Plus, walking in the rain is kind of nice.  I’m sure I won’t be saying that soon, as the rainy season sets in.

When rain and becak combine, you have to use what I have called a “becak condom”.  It’s an ingenious plastic device that the driver has usually concocted himself out of pieces of plastic, elastic bands and gaffer tape.  You get ensconsed in your plastic protection… makes it harder to sightsee though.


I’m going to write a few bits about Yogya tonight for the blog.  Kind of feel like it with the rain outside…  but I think it’s going to be very bits and pieces.


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