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We had a “Very Big and Important Meeting” at work yesterday afternoon. There are “Very Big and Exciting Changes Afoot” apparently. When you hear that, you worry you and all your workmates are going to be sacked as part of a “New and Exciting Financial Streamlining Opportunity” or somesuch (don’t you love corporate speak? This is, after all, a company that nonsensically gives out trees to employees to fight climate change). Thankfully, that was not the case. There will be changes, and they kinda suck. But it’s all deal-able with.

But it was all fairly draining, especially with a full day of people speculating what the meeting was going to be about and stressing in general. On the scale of good to bad workdays, this one was a bad.

Which was probably why I found myself, without any thought behind it, in the supermarket (I’m sorry, I know this is turning into a supermarket and food blog, I promise I will post something else soon!), buying the ingredients to make potato and leek soup on autopilot while narrowly avoiding mega mums and their upper middle class suburbia burdened shopping trolleys. I then went home and made it, without even using a recipe, in some sort of daze.

Soup is such an amazing antidote to all of life’s woes that it seemed like the only answer. It turned out pretty good considering I just threw stuff in at the same time as watching the news, fretting over the work meeting, and eating some nutella on a spoon.

Blending is the best part of the soup making therapy process. I had a huge urge to stick the word “thoughts” on the blender, because it is an extremely apt analogy for emotional turmoil. But I really couldn’t be bothered to be arty.

But I’m feeling much cured today. Soup-er, in fact.

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