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I made this Beetroot and Chickpea salad today, following the recipe at Taste.com.au and it is really delicious!  I cheated though by using tinned beetroot wedges, but it tastes fantastic.  I highly recommend it!  Click here for the recipe.  The dressing is lovely, and the chickpeas make it quite hearty… plus it’s relatively good for you!  And so easy to make.  This is definitely one that will now be added to my mental list of quick salad recipes.

I was on a bit of a roll, and I am trying to take lunch to work everyday to save money (very broke at the moment), so I also made up a yummy pasta salad.  The recipe was here, but I didn’t add avocado and couldn’t get any parsley at the supermarket, so it’s a bit different from the recipe, but still good.  I think the parsley would have added to the flavour, but it’s still very yummy.

Pasta Salad

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