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 My favourite Instagram photo from my Melbourne trip.

I spent my birthday weekend down in Melbourne, and among shopping and general milling about with friends and catching up, I also got the chance to check out a few cool bars and cafes. Which was pretty much part of the whole Melbourne plan, obviously.

Oh hello. Salmon pastrami with saffron potatoes, smoked yoghurt and crumbed egg at Pope Joan. Amazing!

Salmon pastrami, saffron potatoes, golden egg, cucumber, yoghurt @ Pope Joan ($19)

1. Pope Joan, East Brunswick

This place is gorgeous–beautiful interior, great outdoor area, and most importantly, fabulous food. I spent a wonderful rainy Sunday morning here with my Kindle (currently reading Americanah by Chimamama Ngozi Adichie, it’s a great book). If you come early it is calm but it becomes busy fairly quickly with the brunch crowd.

2. The Alderman, East Brunswick

A great little wine bar on Lygon St with a roaring open fire, which is excellent for wintry nights and gossiping with friends. Check out the toilet that has the rather eyeopening mural depicting various options for sexytimes. There also seemed to be gorgeous dogs that just lived at the bar? So Melbourne.

Shakshunka eggs

3. Bowery to Williamsburg, City

A cool little New York subway-themed cafe, tucked away in a laneway in the city. I always find it amazing how you can get great food in the actual city in Melbourne–in Sydney, the ‘burbs shine and the CBD leaves much to be desired. I’m sure it is very busy during office-fooding-and-caffinating-hours (i.e. before work and lunch) but in that snippet of time in between it was calm and very satisfying. Pictured above is their shakshuka eggs with pastrami–they also had lots of Americana-themed foods on the menu. The coffee (Padre) was very nice too.

4. Two Little Pigs, Brunswick

Charcuterie meets coffee house. Nice coffee and a very nice pork roll.  A sweet little spot with friendly people, good prices and some nice boutiques nearby.  Light and bright. Not too far to stroll to Savers either.

I also had some non-food experiences as well, and by that I mean shopping. I’ll get into that in a separate post.

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