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Indian food, Singapore

Food at a little eatery in Little India, Singapore.  For SG $6, you got as much tasty curry and rice as your heart could ever desire.  Bliss.

Is it just me, or could a lot of the world’s dilemmas be solved if everyone just ate off banana leaves?  No washing up.  Biodegradable.  In tropical climes, a never ending supply.  Waterproof.  Greaseproof.  It’s the world’s perfect packaging.  And it looks kind of trendster too…

Ma’af the blog has been neglected.  Our newspaper has been launching, I was in Singapore for a while for visa reasons and I am trying to learn bahasa Indonesia (which involves remembering how exactly to do that thing they call “studying”).

I also have tons of photos to post but my home internet connection is waging a war on Flickr.  It will upload photos, and then won’t let me see them… it’s very weird.

Will post more soon.

But for now, just ponder the wondeful-ness of banana leaves.  What other problems could they solve?  So many possibilities….

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