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Just after I had been at the Newseum, learning about the First Amendment and free speech and stuff like that, I spotted this interesting vehicle outside the US Capitol building.

Tea Party Truck

Luckily, the angry mob wasn’t anywhere in sight.  Phew.  So I was able to take a closer look at this chariot of crazy.

Crazy car

It said “take my pic”.  So I did.  But then it also said “Stop Obama” and I quite like Obama.  So I stopped following any other instructions on the crazy mobile.

Then I also noticed the small sticker on the rear windscreen that says “This truck is not a ‘gun free zone’ (you will be safe here)”.  Despite the bumper sticker’s reassurances, it was then that I began to feel very not-safe.  I started to think: “holy crap, I want to get out of here before these nutbars come back and shoot me with their guns for being part of the liberal media or something.”

I took one last shot before moving away in a brisk walk.  I’m pretty happy that I didn’t meet Mark the Patriot, but I also wondered if his car was more menacing than him, considering the tea party people I met just a few weeks ago.


I would argue that welfare bums are much better than psycho gun-toting zealots, but hey, I’m from Australia and it has government funded healthcare… so it’s practically socialist!

Also note the standard tea party miappropriation of the constitution… “We the people…”

Sorry, but you, the tea party people, are freaking crazy.

PS.  For an interesting read on tea partiers and the constitution, check out this Newsweek article.

2 Responses to " America the free (and crazy) "

  1. Deputy Dazza says:

    I would personally like to see some of this patriotism and damn fine sign work move into the Australian urban environment. The common sense that emates from one singlre sign on the back of a dirty truck inspires me .

  2. Ashlee says:

    Don’t even joke about it, you nutcase.
    .-= Ashlee´s last blog ..Bali dancers =-.