Betty has a bike… called Betty?

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I bought a new bike!  I had an old mountain bike that I had been using last summer, but while it was a good bike in terms of having lots of gears etc, the hunching over forward-leaning style bike wasn’t particularly confortable for me as a curvy lady (plus… couldn’t wear low or loose cut tops on bike without flashing everyone!).  It didn’t fit my “lifestyle” and so I didn’t ride it enough. So I invested in a cruiser style bike that is very Amsterdam chic!

It is an XDS Limited Ladies bike.

I went for a lovely ride on Lake Burley Griffin yesterday on it and loads of people stopped me to say how cute the bike was!  I also rode it to the shops last night and piled it up with groceries, and this morning I rode it to a cafe where I locked it up out the front and then sat on a sofa outside with a coffee and watched all the people wander up and look at it and say how cute it was.

Unfortunately, it’s still too cold to rock a cute dress/leggings look with the bike, and unfortunately Canberra’s helmet laws also cramp my new Amsterdam chic style somewhat, but in summer I will be rocking the dress on bike look for sure.  Also planning to cruise on down to the Dickson pool on it in a skirt and my awesome gingham retro swimmers I bought from ModCloth a few weeks back and a pair of oversized sunglasses when the weather gets warm enough for the pool to open.

There was one thing I didn’t notice when I bought the bike though and I only saw it today when I was locking it up:

The bike is called Betty!  What a perfect match!!  I hope we have lots of fun times together.

2 Responses to " Betty has a bike… called Betty? "

  1. Jess says:

    Did you buy it in Canberra? If so, where? It’s beautiful!