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cooking-34 Contrary to popular belief, I am doing some freelancing on the road.  It’s the type of freelancing I would class as “hardly investigative”, but it’s been keeping me occupied and badly paid, just like if I had a real journalism job.

So here’s a few links to some recent writings.

1.  Remember, ages ago, I alluded to actually telling you all about how much I enjoyed attending the Casa Luna cooking school in Ubud, Bali?  Well, I ended up writing about it for the Jakarta Globe, so you can read about it all over there.  The picture on the left shows some of the dishes that we made in class… so yummy!

2.  I wrote a (according to some commentators) rather humorous piece for the Jakarta Globe called “I love you Indonesia, but please stop trying to kill me.” It’s written in the style of a monologue to a slightly abusive lover.  You can read it here.

3.  During my stint at language school in Yogyakarta, I wrote a piece of mind article about the rewards of studying Bahasa Indonesia.  You can also read that one over here at the Jakarta Globe.

The main project I’ve been working on over the last fortnight isn’t live yet, but when it is… I’ll let you all know.  All five of you that read the blog.

On an entirely different note, does anyone have any pointers for boosting my blog traffic?  Because this is not a niche blog and is more of a “whatever” blog, it’s hard to promote… and I love writing posts and taking photos for it, but the traffic numbers and comments are so few 🙁

7 Responses to " Bits and bobs "

  1. Rob says:

    Hi Ashlee,
    As one of your subscribers I feel like I’ve been shamed into commenting now. I enjoy your writing about those culture shock moments that are so common in Indonesia, more of those funny little vignettes please. 🙂 I also really enjoyed your latest posts and think they would be even better with the pictures a bit bigger as they are really good, you could really push the photography angle, seemed to work for Brandon at Javajive.
    Best wishes,

  2. Trish says:

    I agree, you should market it as a photoblog, your pics are gorgeous.

    I’ve noticed the revived Kopi Susu is not getting the numbers it used to. I suspect FB, Twitter et al are cutting into people’s blog perusal time. I’m enjoying following your travels, though!

  3. Ashlee says:

    Thanks for the comments!! haha I wasn’t trying to guilt people into commenting more, just thinking out loud (or out-blog) as usual.

    The traffic issue is tricky… I think niche blogs seem to do better.

    Anyway, I mostly do this so that when I’m old I will still remember this stuff. 🙂

    I’m glad you revived Kopi Susu… 🙂 Might take a while for people to trickle back.

  4. Edgar Alan Poe says:

    If you need to increase your blog patronage I could always get the Big J to send your blog details to all of her facebook friends and all the people who send her crappy emails. Do you want volume of readers or quality?

  5. Brittany says:

    I think you should market your blog as Photos. Life. Travel. Your photos are amazing and when I look on your blog people are always like “Wow, who took that?” so I think your main thing is photography followed by awesome general musings of life and than you normal have quite a bit of travel too. I think there are the three biggest points of your blog. I read all your stuff on the jakarta globe and you’ve really made me want to go to an Indonesian cooking school and/or a language school somewhere.

  6. Wenny says:

    Hi there,

    Chanced upon your blog when i was googling for “morning market ubud blogspot”. Gorgeous pictures you have here! You might want to try Nuffnang to see if it could help increase your readership. It’s pretty popular in Asia.


  7. Ashlee says:

    Thanks for dropping by Wenny, glad you liked the pictures!

    Thanks for the tip about Nuffnang, I’ll check it out.
    .-= Ashlee´s last blog ..Remembering =-.