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Random bits and pieces.  So much to blog about these days, I don't know where to start.

1.  Pauline Hanson, everybody's favourite Australian-racist-apparently-made-good-by-jail-time-for-electoral-fraud-and-an-appearance-on-Dancing With the Stars, has finally weighed in on the US Presidential Election, talking to the highly credible New Idea magazine.  And guess what? She doesn't like Obama.  That's right… "I don't like it" Hanson strikes again. From the SMH's gossip mag run down column:

McCain, an avid New Idea reader, was reportedly buoyed by
Hanson's appraisal of his Democrat opponent, Barack Obama,
who "concerns me greatly because of his Muslim background and time
in Indonesia".

Damn straight Pauline "keep the Asians out" Hanson.  You can't trust anyone that has been to Indonesia. They are either a tree-hugging Chinese-food eating hippy or a terrorist, clearly.  But you do know that Bali, favourite holiday spot of your former constituents in Queensland, is actually in Indonesia Pauline, right?  It's not just part of Queensland that lots of Asians got to before we built the detention centres and nobody minded too much because it meant they could get their hair braided for cheaps, ok?  Just clearing that up for ya, love.

But it's nice to see you pop back every now and then from political obscurity just to let us know you are still there…  Thanks Pauline.  How's the Fish and Chip shop going?

2.  Stocked up the fridge on the weekend.  Went to an amazing supermarket called "Grand Lucky", which stocks most things I could want in my life for an affordable price.  Yay!  My place feels more homey now that the fridge and larder are well stocked, and I did lots of cooking on the weekend of things like stir fry and black beans with rice, all made with fresh produce.  Yummo.


Also stocked up on yummy tropical fruit.

I also ended up at another supermarket in my travels on the weekend, called KemChicks.  It's what my friend who has been in Indonesia longer than me calls a "bule-mart", where foreigners go to stock up on expensive imported food (and bread without heaps of sugar in it).  It's where you can go to buy all the ingredients for something like lasagna or korma, as long as you are willing to spend a substantial sum (with the way money is going at the moment, it's probably only going to get more exxy as well).

One of the advantages of the bule-mart is that you can get bule food from other countries that we don't have in that lovable backwater of Australia.  Lots of Japanese lollies (which we do have, in Chinatown in Sydney) and American sweets and junk food (which we really don't have in Oz unless you go to an expensive foreign snack store, like that one on Glebe Point Road).

It's a big temptation.

But when I saw this, I had to give in.  Like all good Australian children, I grew up on a solid diet of American popular culture, which meant millions of references to "peanut butter cups," "peanut butter and jelly" and "Ben and Jerry's" in everything from the Babysitters Club books to Friends and Sesame Street.  Yet, we didn't really ever do the sweet 'n salty peanut butter thing in Australia and New Zealand Natural was our icecream pinnacle for quite some time.  It was all about the Vegemite and the Boysenberry Swirl.

Behold Exhibit A:


The idea of peanut butter ice cream almost stimulates my Australian gag reflex.  It just sounds so wrong.  But believe me, dear readers, it is oh so right!  This was very delicious.  Lucky it was only a small tub because otherwise my fresh produce piety from earlier would have been completely undone.  It kind of tasted like peanut butter/choc chip cookies that I have had before.  It had quite a caramel flavour to it as well.  It was good.

Now… if only the bule-marts stocked some European fare that I am missing, like those polka dot sweet cottage cheese bars from Hungary.  Yummmmm… haven't seen those since I left Budapest…

3.  Went to pick up my laundry the other day.  (Great story!  Do continue! Sounds exciting! Great lead!)  Every time I go down to reclaim my clothes after they have been washed, pressed (including the underwear, usually with a seam down the middle) and folded, it takes an eternity for the women down in the laundry to find them.  So I wait, wait, wait.  They scurry around and make phone calls looking for "Miss Arrsleez" clothes.  Then eventually they emerge bearing my washing in clear plastic bags, usually after about 20 minutes.

"Ah, Miss," the serious-but-friendly laundry lady said once my clothes were found, while looking at some of my brasierres on the top of the laundry bag.  "This very seksi."  She nods earnestly, without the slightest hint of sarcasm or judgement on her face.  "You must be seksi lady."

"Ah, thanks," I reply, with a bemused smile.  What do you say to that?  I quickly paid and said my thankyous and scurried out.

But at least somebody's getting to admire my knickers…

4.  I'm thinking about signing up for National Novel Writing Month, or NaNoWriMo.  It sounds like I'm signing up for a goal which I will fail, but it also sounds like a good challenge.  Especially since I'm mostly rewriting, rather than writing, at work now.  I still have about three or so days to decide whether I'm going to torture myself during November though…

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  1. Sophie says:

    Peanut butter icecream? Crazy laundromats and taxi drivers? Your life is so exciting now!
    Also – do the writing thing, do it! It sounds like something I’d aim to do and then two days in quit. But I think you have it in you!