Bosses dim sum, Singapore

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Bosses Dim Sum, Singapore

Random food post I meant to put up weeks ago!  On last visa run to Singapore, where my coworker Amee and I were both completely sleep deprived (so sleep deprived we encountered difficulty finding food in Singapore.  Yes, that’s pretty bad!), we went to Bosses Dim Sum for lunch, in the VivoCity complex (I don’t even know how we ended up here, it was some kind of taxi misunderstanding), and it was really tasty.  The food was also beautifully presented… but when I tried to take photos, I got in trouble!!  But hahaha.  You have to be fast to stop me from snapping away… I’d already shot a good 20 or so images before the telling off.  We ordered some pretty standard yum cha dishes, and they were pretty delish, all using very good quality seafood.  The restaurant was bright and airy with waterfront views… unfortunately, rather industrial waterfront views, but hey.

Bosses Dim Sum, Singapore

I also remember that the toilets were hard to find in my sleep deprived state, because the doors were invisible… it was all just this big mirrored panel and through random pushing on it, one found which panels were unlocked toilet cubicles.  But they had the most amazing tap, that was like a big gushing fountain.  Yes, it was definitely the tap, I didn’t wash my hands in a water feature, though I was probably about another hour of sleep deprivation away from potentially doing that.

Bosses Dim Sum, Singapore

For Singapore, I think the prices were pretty reasonable.  I think the bill ended up being about SG $55-ish between the two of us for all the food and soft drinks, and we left very full.

But allow me to have a rant.  I don’t GET why so many places are threatened by cameras.  Seriously.  In the age of food blogging, sharing on social networks and consumer food review websites, I can’t think of anything really negative that would come out of it.  People share these photos, hence give free word of mouth publicity to your establishment.  If your food is crap, they probably won’t bother snapping a photo. It’s just stupid to have a no photography policy.  And what about special events?  Birthdays, family gatherings?  People want mementos, and telling them they can’t take photos will put a black mark against your establishment, no matter how good the dumplings are.  It just makes no sense.

So in conclusion, Bosses had really good food and atmosphere, but a bad photography policy.

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