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As I mentioned in a previous post, going out for a good breakfast/brunch with a book is one way I try to feel a bit brighter when I’m having a tough time. As a result, I can recommend to you some great breakfast places from the past few months!

On my birthday, I had this amazing breakfast at The Cupping Room, which is always worth the effort. It was like cake to me, because macadamia-crumbed haloumi? Yes!

Keeping with the Ona franchise, I’ve been to Ona on the Lawns a couple of times in recent months as well (the jalepeno fritters and the mushroom dish are both delicious). Just like The Cupping Room, their coffee is dependably great. I also went to Ona Fyshwick one morning when I had to pick up some printing and had this really yummy and very different Malaysian-inspired brekkie.

A few weeks back I had to go to Woden for a pointless medical appointment, and took the opportunity to try out Space Kitchen. Wow! It’s a great venue, with the most amazing cake fridge!

This place is worth making up an excuse to go to #Woden for. #Canberra #canberrafood #cakes #sweetstuff #latergram

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I restrained myself on the cake front since it was breakfast time, and really loved the polenta waffles I ordered. The coffee was also very good. I would say this place is worth the trek to Woden. It is owned by the same people who own Ricardo’s Cafe (Jamison) and apparently the menu is similar, so that’s a closer option for inner-Northies like me.

Delicious polenta waffles with eggs, mushies and all manner of delicious purees on the plate.

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During my staycation, I tried to go on adventures within Canberra, so one morning I went to Two Before Ten. I used to go here fairly frequently when it was located in Civic, but I haven’t been since they moved to Aranda. The coffee was good as usual, and my brekkie (which was called a bubble and squeak, but wasn’t really what I traditionally know that as) was hearty for a cold morning. It wasn’t quite as impressive as the other brekkies in this post though.

Yummy brekkie this morning at Two Before Ten.

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More recently, I was really down so had a two-breakfast outing weekend. I made two good choices though. The first was to go to A Baker – I hadn’t been there for ages. I’ve had a bit of a chip on my shoulder about A Baker because on quite a few visits I’ve gotten poor service. But I gave it a go, and this time had a really lovely server who even chatted with me about the book I was reading. My breakfast was also divine. The picture below does not do it justice, particularly the beautiful A Baker rye bread. They also sell Ona Coffee now, so it is taking over everywhere!

For my second sad-fixing breakfast, I felt like something really nutritious. I was just feeling so drained on every front. So I went to Local Press at Kingston Foreshore. It was super cold down there! A bit of a wind tunnel on the boardwalk. But it was cosy inside Local Press on the big shared table, shoved on a stool between strangers, just me, my breakfast and my book. I ordered the mushrooms on toast, with a side of kale and almonds. It was delicious, full of nutrients and really filling. I also ordered one of their (expensive!) cold pressed juices which had a lot of ginger in, which warms you from the inside and feels the right kind of thing for winter.

So that’s my round-up of recent breakfasts! I’ve been sticking at home this weekend enjoying the pitter patter of the constant rain and cooking my own eggs.

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