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The Capitol Building is pretty lovely looking and very grand indeed.  Its domed roof is a very distinctive part of the Washington skyline.


The United States Capitol building is where Congress and the federal legislature meet.  I really want to do a tour inside sometime, but for now I’ve just been content looking around it.

Capitol from Newseum

View of the Capitol from the Newseum terrace

It is definitely the most dominating feature on Pennsylvania Avenue, even though for foreigners, 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue (aka the White House) may be more well known… but the Capitol is much, much larger.

Penn Ave

(check out the little eagles on top of the lamp posts)

It draws visitors from all over the country… including these two random dudes walking towards it down the middle of the road with sweaters tied around their shoulders.  Hey guys, there’s footpaths on both sides of the road, you know?

Capitol walkers

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