Depot Family Masakan Cina Warung, Surabaya

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Depot Family Warung, Surabaya

The food at this little warung right outside my hotel in Surabaya was so good, I would feel guilty if I didn’t write about it.  Depot Family Masakan Cina, on Jl Ganteng Besar, just outside the Pavilojoen Hotel (which is an excellent budget option in the city) is simple delicious.

I went there on multiple nights and tried the Japanese tofu in Schezuan sauce, the cumi (squid), also in Schezuan sauce and the baby buncis (beans) in the picture above, served with little morsels of beef.  The dishes hovered around Rp 15,000-22,000 in price, but were worth every rupiah.  Served piping hot straight out of the wok, the beans market fresh and the seafood from Surabaya’s extensive fish market, it was easy to eat a lot more here than one intended to.  The staff were all very friendly as well and the little stand was busy with locals from the moment it opened for the night until late.

Depot Family Warung, Surabaya

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