Din Tai Fung. Food of the gods.

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The restaurant chain Din Tai Fung rocks my world.  It rocks a lot of people’s worlds, judging by the queue at some of its stores in Singapore.

We also have DTF here in Jakarta, and a branch opened in Sydney just before I left Oz, so this is a food rant that knows no geographical bounds.

The soup filled dumplings, or Xiao Long Bao, are amazing.  They are handmade, always have at least 10 delicate folds, and in lots of stores, you can see the hatted and face masked people making them in a glass windowed kitchen.


They burst in your mouth, full of flavour.  The tastiest dumplings I have ever eaten in my life.  And I love them, so I have eaten a lot. Sadly, in Jakarta, we don’t have them with pork because pork isn’t very popular in this mostly Muslim nation, but they are still really good with chicken as a substitute.  But I had the pork and crab dumplings in Singapore though, and life, including dumplings, is better with pork… sorry Muslim friends.

Everything else is good there too.  The wantons.  The vegetables. The steamed buns.  The gyoza.  The neverending supply of tea, filled up so quickly, you can’t keep track of how many litres you may have consumed. I’ve been a couple of times, this wasn’t all in one sitting!

So if you have a Din Tai Fung in your city… GO!  I implore you.  It’s worth having to wait for a table.


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  1. Heather says:

    I’m going to have to check this out in Syd. I’ve heard the queues are killer here too though.