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I have probably already mentioned the completely bonkers amount of supplements I have tried since falling ill with ME/CFS. I’ve ordered most of them from iHerb, to save energy and money (online shopping is my BFF as well as my bank account’s number 1 enemy!).

Well, nearly all of the supplements have done nothing and some of them even upset my stomach. (I’m now seeing a herbalist and integrative GP in Sydney, so might write more about that in another post).

So I’ve basically stopped trying all the supplements and it has been a big waste of money. But, the silver lining here though, I’ve ordered some random things from iHerb along the way to bulk my order up to the $53-ish dollar threshold for free shipping to Australia and I really, really love some of those things!

For those that aren’t familiar with iHerb, they sell a lot of supplements and herbs and so on, but also a lot of natural and organic body and home products, for quite reasonable prices.

So because I am super tired but it is way too early to go to bed, and this is a super easy blog to write, here you go! My iHerb favourites (I have written about natural deodorants I have ordered from iHerb already).

  1. Ms Meyers Clean Day Dish Soap – this stuff is amazing. It makes my kitchen smell divine, even if I have left dishes in the sink for a while to become funky. It does a great job on the cleaning front. You only need to use a little bit (and the opening on the bottle lets you drip it out just a few drops at a time rather than having it gush out everywhere) so it is quite economical. And it doesn’t make my hands feel as cracked and feral after washing the dishes as other detergents do (I hate wearing rubber gloves). I’ve tried the Geranium and Honeysuckle scents – they are both lovely, but the Honeysuckle is my favourite.
  2. Ms Meyers Clean Day Fabric Softener – after loving the dish soap, I decided to try this. I have the basil scent, and it leaves my clothes smelling really nice, and a bit softer too. I don’t usually use fabric softener, but thought I would give this one a go. Since, in winter when it is rainy, I am often stuck inside with my own damp clothes hung all around my living room, it’s good when they smell pleasant while drying, instead of just smelling damp. Like!
  3. Hurraw lip balms – I am now obsessed with these and they are my favourite lip balm ever. They are vegan and all natural, I love how they feel on my lips and the shape of the balm container (oval, not round), and they smell soooooo good. I have collected a few. My favourites are the chai, the coconut, mint and lemongrass and the almond, cardamom and rose. I’ve also tried the Earl Grey, which is pleasant, but the smell isn’t quite on point. I’ve seen Australian natural beauty stores selling these for much higher prices than you will pay on iHerb, and they are perfect for throwing in your order to hit the free shipping target when you are just short of it.
  4. Everyday Coconut, Ultra Hydrating Body Wash (Coconut Lime) – I ordered this a while back and I still have heaps – it is a really big bottle. But it is a great basic body wash that smells nice (more limey than coconutty) and it feels really luxurious and hydrating. Really good value.
  5. E.L.F Cosmetics Mineral Infused Mascara – why is mascara so expensive? This one is at least a quarter of the price of most mascara for sale in Australia and it does the job just as well as far as I can tell.
  6. Badger Company Sore Muscle Rub (Cayenne & Ginger) – I have a lot of muscle aches and stiffness with my illness, particularly in winter – this is one of the rubs I use to help. The smell is quite nice, unlike a lot of other muscle balms which tend to be offensively funky, and it does give you that warm tingling sensation, and is pleasant to rub in. I wouldn’t say it relieves pain as such if you just directly applied it, but it is good for massaging the muscles to help relax them.
  7. Out of the so-many supplements I have tried, there are only three that seemed to (maybe, perhaps, I really can’t be sure) help a little bit with energy/wellbeing. One is Rainbow Light women’s multivitamin, which I try to remember to take regularly in amongst all my other pills. The other is Superior Source Microlingual B12, which I actually was taking when I lived in America (I have long-running B12 deficiency issues) and I find it gives me a slight, short-lived lift (don’t buy the B Complex one though, the taste is terrible, but the B12 ones are good), and the third one is Jarrow Formulas Adrenal Optimiser, which did seem to maybe help a little with stress on some days (but I can’t really be sure).
  8. Not from iHerb, but they also sell it — I’ve found magnesium oil is good for muscle aches and pain, but I bought that in Australia from Nourished Life (this one and this one).

So that’s my wrap of things from iHerb that are worth tossing in your shopping basket. Also, I only recently realised that at the top of the page they have a ‘Try & Save” or “Trials” section, where you can get samples of products for really cheap – a good way to test new things.

Happy iHerbing!

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