It’s the small things that you miss


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I love almonds.  Almonds used to get me through the day at my old work.  Many of us in the office had an obsession with tamari almonds especially.  We would take turns buying them, and even ended up with people making them at home by roasting almonds in tamari sauce in the oven.  Nearly every weekend I would buy a big bag of them from Woolworths or Harris Farm Markets, take them in to my desk at work and they would always be gone by our weekly deadline on Thursday midday, if not earlier.

So when I saw some loose almonds for sale in Food Hall the other day, my heart filled with joy.  "Almonds!  I haven't had almonds in five months!  I love almonds!" I would have exclaimed if I wasn't shopping alone.

So I took two small scoops.

When I got to the cash register, those two small scoops cost Rp 89,000!!!  It was under 100 grams, yet it cost about $13 AU!

So I am savouring them.  I wish I had an oven and tamari though to make them extra special.

4 Responses to " It’s the small things that you miss "

  1. Robin says:

    I don’t like almonds myself, but there are silly little things back in Canterbury that I miss in London such as the wholemeal loaves from the nearby Morrisons.
    Whereas there isn’t one anywhere near Harrow.
    And the same can be said vice versa when being back in Canterbury.

  2. Ananda Ayu says:

    There’s a mediteranian store in pasar festival that sells nuts and stuff (and other stuff like olives and lentils and couscous). Their price is far cheaper than the foodhall or ranch market or kemchicks etc. (just went there yesterday) I think I saw almonds there as well. You should try to go there once your supply is out.

  3. Tilda says:

    Should I send you almonds and tamari sauce? Although at that price, they might be looted en route!

  4. Ashlee says:

    Oh thanks chicakdee, I will check out pasar festival! Mmm olives!
    Tild, by the time you paid for postage, I don’t think there would really be a saving hehe. But thanks for the thought!