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Kuta beach

I seem to be applying the same principles of procrastination (which mean I delay cleaning the house, writing anything and doing my Indonesian study) when I go on holiday now.

“Meh, I’ll do it later.”

How lame!  I have been a bit like that in Bali and Yogya, lazing around instead of forcing myself on to the next tourist milestone because I seem to think I will definitely return to those places anyway.

It’s just slack!  I need to resume being a proper tourist.  I have Birkenstocks though, so surely that’s enough?  Though Crocs do seem to be the new vogue in daggy tourist getups.  Maybe if I get a bum bag (fanny pack I believe in American) and a Hawaiian shirt I will feel a more pressing urge to get up and get to some temple or other before sunrise?

I didn’t even take that many photos in Bali, because my camera got humidity in it and was churning out damn awful shots that looked like they were taken through morning fog.  It’s clearing up and drying out now and will hopefully make a full recovery.

Also, it did rain fairly consistently for two of the days I was in Bali, so that stopped me from getting further than Legian.  But, I read the whole of Chronicles of a Death Foretold by Gabriel Garcia Marquez, so that’s something… and I have some new cheap floaty dresses that are probably too risque to wear in Jakarta anyway.  (ah ma, bare shoulders!)  And a cute handbag and some beads.  And I got to talk to lots of bogans.  One woman at my hotel was telling me the perils of trying to order online from the Bon Jovi Fan Club.  Apparently postage to Australia is a nightmare.  They didn’t even know where Perth was!  Life is hard when all you want is a special limited edition Bon Jovi t-shirt and you live 120 kms west of Perth.  Sigh.


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