Litter out of the closet.

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I took this pic at the airport in Denpasar, and forgot about it.  I just found it when looking for something else. It’s not a particularly good photo, because it was sneakily taken in the airport toilets.  But I remember, delirious with tiredness, chuckling away to myself about the phrase “don’t litter disposal into closet”.

Does it apply to all “disposal”?  If so, where can you go to the toilet?

In Indonesian, to me at least, the sign actually says “don’t put stuff inside the toilet bowl”.

2 Responses to " Litter out of the closet. "

  1. Tilda says:

    Can I commission a sign?
    “Please don’t litter dryer fluffy in recycling tubs.”
    Thanks for the plug. I am totes going to feed off your blog traffic.

  2. Erique says:

    It’s very eerie to discover how BAD Indonesians are at the Indonesian language. Indonesian is one of my mother languages – and I still think that the Indonesian language on that sign is horribly constructed and have ambiguous meanings. *shakes head*
    I think for the first part, the instruction “jangan membuang sampah ke dalam kloset” makes much more sense. “sampah” here can refer to any sort of rubbish – including used…er…feminine products or even syringes.