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I’ve always admired photos that look like they were taken on an old Lomo camera.  They kind of have that Soviet-chic thing going on, and they give even the simplest snapshot a look of nostalgia.

Thanks to the wonders of the internet and the wonders of photoshop (which I am only just starting to learn about the power of), I’ve been able to give some of my photos that look.

What better examples to play with than some of the photos I took in my travels around the former Soviet bloc. These photos were taken on my old point and shoot, so the quality wasn’t fantastic, but lomo has brightened them up.

Here are a couple of examples I played with today;

Heroes’ Square, Budapest, Hungary. Before;

Budapest, Hungary



House of Terror, Budapest, Hungary. Before;

Budapest, Hungary



Pretty cool aren’t they? The colours just pop a bit more or something. I’m still experimenting though, the centre of the Heroes one looks a bit odd. I’m searching around learning about how to do cool effects in photoshop, because I think that can often be the difference between a good photo and a great photo. I might post some more of my experiments later.

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