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Singapore’s new Marina Bay Sands Casino.  I went to have a look because I heard it was ‘really cool’ with ‘amazing architecture’… yeah it was alright.  But at the end of the day its just a place where people go to piss their money against the wall.  And being a Singaporean casino, there were so many rules and so many security checks to get in it was ridiculous.  It didn’t have the zeal of the American casinos shown to me on TV.  It was about as non-exciting as Star City Casino in Sydney.

In an effort to avoid the social pitfalls of gambling, Singaporeans must by law pay a $100 levy to access the casino for 24 hours (whether they play or not).  I (along with the Singaporean government) thought that this might deter the locals and mean that the place was essentially a tourist zone. But the place was PACKED.  It was a Saturday, but still.   There were two lines, one for Singaporeans and one for foreigners, and the Singaporean line was way longer.  There were a lot of Chinese and Malaysians at the casino also.

But overall, I was bored.  I put $10 in a pokie machine (that’s Australian for slot machine) and didn’t really win anything, then I left feeling “meh this place is boring” and went hunting for something fun, like a hawker centre.  There were some nice views of the city and bay area though.


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