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I went to Melbourne for the long weekend, for a friend’s birthday and to catch up with people. And just to get out of town. In hindsight, it was perhaps overly ambitious, and I was pretty overtired the whole time, and then for a few days when I got back to the office. It’s back to ‘normal’ now. I did manage not to have a total crash though, no bedridden/barely able to stand up days, so I guess that’s a win! I’m feeling a bit more optimistic as this whole health situation seems to have taken minuscule steps in the right direction… finally getting some treatment for the POTS/dysautonomia/tachycardia/not-clearly-labelled-yet symptoms has started to help, and I feel less frequently/intensely dizzy (it is by no means gone though and is still a big problem) and I feel like I have a bit more energy (we are talking very, very small additional quantities here! But something is better than nothing!). But it still can be very variable by the day, and I think a Melbourne trip (by road) for such a short time period overdid it. Also, in the city you tend to walk a lot more, and the weather is cold right now. This Melbourne trip felt much harder than the Bali trip, which is weird, perhaps it was because it was more compressed.

I know it seems crazy to keep going on these trips when they come with a backlash, but the little trips help me have something to look forward to, and they are always to catch up with friends which I always want to do. I also can’t resist the experiment, secretly hoping that I won’t have any problems and it might prove I can consider ‘real’ travel again soon… unfortunately the experiments have so far not really yielded that result…

Anyway, there were some nice moments in there among the tiredness catching up with people, eating good foods and so on. I did wander a little and take some photos, but of course I couldn’t do too much. We stayed in Collingwood, and good places that we/I ate included Proud Mary, The Commoner, Neighbourhood Wine, and Archie’s All Day.

Here’s some random pics.

IMG_4538 IMG_4546 IMG_4536 IMG_4537 IMG_4539 IMG_4554 IMG_4553 IMG_4557


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