Melbournelicious: Some photos of the city


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Yes that’s me, in one of Melbourne’s funky graffiti and milk crate packed laneways.  I specifically requested my friend take me to one so I could take graffiti photos. 🙂

I’m clearly having travel/mad photographing withdrawals being back here in Oz, so I managed to take some 90 photos during my 24 hour stay in Melbourne.  Crazy lady with a camera.  It’s a great city and I enjoyed catching up with some of my friends down there and just hanging out.  Note to Sydney… umm why don’t you have awesome laneways and wicked good bicycle paths like Melbourne? Hmm?

Here’s a handful of pics taken during my brief Melbourne wanders.



Sky crisscrossed by tram wires?  Very Melbourne.


Carlton Gardens



Botanic Gardens


Shrine of Remembrance


Another one with me in! Unusual for the blog 🙂  This one is down on the Yarra River in the city, near Flinders St station and Federation Square. (PS… I’m rocking my batik!  Check it Indonesian friends 🙂 )

2 Responses to " Melbournelicious: Some photos of the city "

  1. green_teacup says:

    awesome pictures – love the graffiti one. u def pull that batik off!

  2. Ashlee says:

    Thanks! I love my batik!!